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Конкурс «ЧМ по хоккею» - В этом году Москва и Санкт-Петербург принимают чемпионат мира по хоккею. Как вы оцениваете шансы нашей сборной? Болеете ли вы за наших? Успели ли вы забронировать места на стадионе?

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Final Fantasy XIV celebrates six years through massive Moog station sales

More than six years ago, «Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn» received high praise. Square Enix has rebounded from the rather devastating blow of the original FFXIV release in 2010, creating a game that will eventually produce some of the best moments in Final Fantasy history. Players also like to use FFXIV Gil in the game to make their ability stronger.

While players still need monthly subscriptions, in the past few years, Square Enix has been slowly implementing more and more optional projects that will purchase through their Mog Station website. These are high-level projects and event rewards you may have missed over the years.

Well, not only is Square Enix hosting a significant in-game event, thanks to the players who created Final Fantasy XIV, which received a 30% discount on most optional items. It includes expressions, mounts, charms (clothes), dyes, orchestrion rolls, barding, Final Fantasy XIV Gil, housing projects, minions and fantasies. There are a few items that are not on sales, such as items added after April 2019 and significant scene skipping and leveling upgrades, as well as individual expressions and single-pot dyes, but in most cases, most of the notable items are temporarily Price reduction.

Square Enix has also added new products such as Cirina, Yuna, Lulu and Rikku Minions, cute Krile costumes and White Raven & Manderville earrings.


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