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Конкурс «ЧМ по хоккею» - В этом году Москва и Санкт-Петербург принимают чемпионат мира по хоккею. Как вы оцениваете шансы нашей сборной? Болеете ли вы за наших? Успели ли вы забронировать места на стадионе?

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Take you to analyze the stage lighting and audio equipment failure


The normality of the stage sound and light-weight directly affects the performance of the performance, therefore each skilled audio instrumentation and stage lighting instrumentation ought to be maintained and maintained, and therefore the lines and instrumentation that have issues ought to be repaired in time to avoid accidents.


1, the examination technique of the lighting out of management


When the lighting is out of management, it's necessary to ascertain whether or not the controller's program has any issues. Is there any drawback with the address code of the lamp, whether or not the association of the management line is correct, and whether or not the shielding of the management line must be checked for dangerous interference, and therefore the limit of the lamp. whether or not the adjustment is acceptable, etc.




  1. examination technique for generating interference noise


If there's noise within the skilled audio instrumentation, 1st check the dimming interference, whether or not the audio and lighting power offer is disconnected, so check whether or not the lighting power offer and negative feedback circuit ar too on the brink of the audio signal line, and there's no semiconducting material box. The audio device is just too shut. beneath traditional circumstances, there's noise within the speaker, that is typically caused by the unreasonable transmission of the signal. Therefore, once there's a drag with the shielding of the signal line, or the grounding of the signal isn't correct, noise interference is probably going to occur.


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