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Конкурс «ЧМ по хоккею» - В этом году Москва и Санкт-Петербург принимают чемпионат мира по хоккею. Как вы оцениваете шансы нашей сборной? Болеете ли вы за наших? Успели ли вы забронировать места на стадионе?

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Конкурс завершился

Some materials and programs needed for the opening ceremony


The opening ceremony is the first official celebration of the company. This is also a good opportunity for advertising and image display. This is some of the materials and projects for the opening ceremony.



  1. Promote the opening ceremony

Advertising is usually required before the opening ceremony. Common methods of advertising include: single-page publicity, gongs and drums, etc. Ceremonial celebration companies generally use dragon car promotion and LED advertising vehicles to promote the effect. The effect is very good.

  1. Opening ceremony building class

Stage construction, background board construction, sign-in board construction, etc. If there is rain or hot weather, we need to set up a tent.

  1. Opening ceremony venue layout

Balloon layout, inflatable arch layout, red carpet laying, banner layout, celebration basket layout, green plant bonsai layout, etc.

  1. Opening ceremony audio equipment

Amplifiers, tuner, microphone, full frequency speakers, back sound equipment and other equipment

  1. Opening ceremony personnel class

Including host, hostesses, photographers, site managers, etc.

  1. Performance program

Commonly used opening celebrations include lion dance, opening water drum performance, duet performance, song performance, dance performance and other projects.

  1. Opening ceremony materials

Celebration materials commonly used in opening celebrations include: firecrackers, flowers, royal salutes, ribbon-cutting supplies, signature supplies, awnings, advertising umbrellas, kick-offs, signboards and other ceremonial props.


To organize and prepare a formal opening ceremony, such as in production and sales, we must first make a master plan for the opening ceremony. The merchants who accept this task need to remember two points: one is to reflect the characteristics of the opening ceremony planning, and the other is to reflect the professionalism of the opening ceremony.


If you want to plan an event, RK is a good choice for you. RK can provide you with performance equipment for the event, such as modular stagestage truss systems, LED dance floor, flight cases and related equipment. you can diy mobile stage.



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