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Things to be aware of when installing the stage background board


A successful and exciting public relations event will inevitably involve the background board of the stage. The main background board of the event is the central part of the overall vision of the event. In addition to the air image design for the active style, the details of post-production and construction can not be ignored. What issues should be paid attention to when setting up the stage background board?


  1. Backplane structure: picture stitching

The size of the large backboard is generally 5-10 meters and the height is 3-5 meters; the width of the printed cloth is 3.2 meters, so the picture must be stitched. When stitching, you must select vertical stitching to make the picture flat.


  1. Back panel structure: active background panel side wall

Each of which is extended by 20 cm, so that the continuation of the main picture from the side is better, and the overall effect is better.


  1. Backboard construction: post-construction inspection project

1) Check the screen for wrinkles;

2) Whether the boundary of the truss is horizontal and vertical;

3) Whether the stretching picture affects the picture;

4) Clean the dust on the screen: When splicing the screen and stretching the screen, the screen directly touches the ground and there will be a lot of dust. After the construction is completed, clean it with a damp cloth.

5) The temperature difference between outdoor and indoor is too large in winter, making the paint brittle or wrinkled. At this point, it is necessary to carefully arrange and use equipment such as a hair dryer to continuously blow the damaged portion of the picture, generally folding and marks. It will be cleared very quickly, and if the damage is serious, you will need to recreate the picture.


If you would like to host an outside show, you certainly would like a stage truss to position the stage lighting in the outdoor. RK stage manufacturer will give you with stage instrumentation for numerous performances, like portable stages, adjustable height stage, dance floor, portable stage curtains and so on.



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