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The role of lighting design in stage lighting and sound engineering


In many stage lighting projects, we can see very beautiful stage lighting effects. On the stage, in addition to the sound can improve people's emotions, for the light, in fact, it can mobilize people's line of sight, so as to achieve better interaction.



In fact, in many performance lighting and audio rental industries, in order to achieve the role of lighting in lighting design, many technologies are used in many cases. In the design of lighting, what is the role of sound engineering design in light art? Let’s take a look



The artistic charm of light

The role of light is extremely important for the functioning of human beings, because there is no light and darkness and color perception without light, and nothing can be seen. Illumination is not only the physiological needs of the shape, space and color of human visual objects, but also the indispensable material condition for beautifying the environment. Light can make up space and change space; it can both beautify space and destroy space. Different lighting not only illuminates all kinds of spaces, but also creates different spatial moods and atmospheres.


The same space, if different lighting methods are used, different positions of the audio rental, angular direction, different lighting shapes, different light intensity and color, can obtain a variety of visual spatial effects: sometimes bright and spacious, sometimes dark and depressed Sometimes warm and comfortable, sometimes irritating; sometimes festive and cheerful, sometimes eerie; sometimes warm and welcoming, sometimes cold and cold; sometimes romantic, sometimes mysterious, etc.; the charm of light can be described as unpredictable.



The benefits of stage lighting

Make the stage picture clearer, guide the audience's line of sight, make the audience see what or some corners of the stage are not visible to the audience. Strengthen the effect of the stage performance: in line with the needs of the plot, make the background appear natural, play a role in setting off, suggesting and inducing the development of the plot, and adjust the atmosphere.


If you would like to host an outside show, you certainly would like a stage truss to position the stage lighting in the outdoor. RK stage manufacturer will give you with stage instrumentation for numerous performances, like portable stages, adjustable height stage, dance floor, portable stage curtains and so on.



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